Westward Ho! was the chess newsletter / magazine published by the West of England Chess Union (WECU) from the 1960’s to the 2000’s.

Chess Magazine of the WECU
Westward Ho!

The copies I from the Hampshire Chess archives have have been scanned and are available in pdf format. The later ones were in A4 format which made scanning fairly easy. The early ones were in foolscap and therefore I could not duplex scan on my A4 printer, but had to scan the page twice and stitch together, which was more time consuming and the quality may have been affected

Credit needs to be given to the original producers of these chess magazines, a lot of time and effort was spent compiling, typing and producing them. Any errors would mean starting again, certainly for the early editions before word processors, let alone computers were around. Producing the grading lists must have been a real challenge!

I would hate magazines to be lost to time as there is a huge amount of really interesting chess material and it also brings back the challenges of the time e.g. fuel rationing, record inflation increases (paper costs doubling in a year), correspondence on completing the matches by telephone, or by hiring coaches due petrol issues etc.

I do not have all the copies. I am missing ones after May 1985 and prior to 1972, as well as some in-between. However there are still a large number available. I am sure some of the West of England Chess players will have some of the missing ones, please do reach out if you have any which can be added to the available ones.


  • AB: AE Barns

  • GK: GW Kilmister MBE: Sept 1972 – May 75

  • DB: Derek Bond: Sept 1975 – Dec 1976

  • RN: Ralph Newman: Apr 1976 – Dec 1983

  • KD: KW Derrick


Westward HO! Magazines (Click month to open pdf file.)

The copies I have are below with a brief note on some of the material covered in the edition. The September editions include the West of England Chess grades. The WECU County matches are of particular interest, although the long term plan is to produce these in detail for the website. In the meantime the matches can be found on the County page and the spreadsheet with the results I have (now up to 15k) was included on the County Analysis post.

September 1972 GK

GW Kilmister 1st Westward Ho! taking over from AE Barnes. WECU Championship Tables. Around the Counties. County Correspondence Results. Union Graders Report. WECU Grading List Sept 1972. Glorney Cup.

December 1972 GK

WECU Congress Matters. BCF News. Senior Jamboree. WECU County Matches. WECU County Tables to Date. Around the Counties.

April 1973 GK

WECU Executive Meeting. Bristol and Portsmouth Chess Leagues. WECU County Matches. Glasgow Bristol Telephone Match. Junior Jamboree. WECU Chess Calendar.

June 1973 GK

WECU News. WECU County Championship Final Tables. Around the Counties. WECU County Results. SCCU Final Tables.

September 1973 GK

WECU Sept 1973 Grading List. General Chess News. World Junior Championship. Glorney Cup. County Correspondence Results. Final Southampton League Tables. British Chess Championship Results. 1973/74 WECU Match Programme.

December 1973 GK

BCF News. Congress Results. Around the Counties. Senior and Graded Jamborees. WECU County Results. Cutty Shark Information.

April 1974 GK

CH O'D Alexander Obituary. BCF Outlook. WECU County Results. Junior Jamboree. Hampshire League. Cutty Sark Tables.

July 1974 GK

BCF News. BCF County Championship Results. WECU Council Meeting. WECU 1974/75 Fixtures List. Around the Counties. Article on BCF.

October 1974 GK

British Chess Championship 1974. County Correspondence Chess Results. Sunday Times School Championship. WECU 1974/75 Grading List. Union Years. 2nd London Chess Club International Invitation Event. 1974 / 1975 WECU Chess Calendar.

December 1974 GK

Glorney Cup. BCF News. British Lightning Championship. WECU County Matches. Cutty Shark 1975. Junior Chess. Around the Counties.

May 1975 GK

I.R. Napier & FJ Pearce Obituaries. WECU County Matches. BCF Quarter Finals. Junior Chess. Around the Counties.

September 1975 DB

WECU County Tables. Glorney Cup Results. Boyd Best Game Prize. Around the Counties. WECU Calendar 1975/1976. WECU Graders Report. Sept 1975 Chess Grades.

December 1975 DB

WECU County Matches. Torbay and Paignton Congresses. Around the Counties. Tony Miles Simul. Portsmouth Congress.

April 1976 DB

WECU County Tables Mar 76. WECU County Matches. Junior Chess. Gosport Chess History. Around the Counties. George Wheeler Simul

June 1976 DB

WECU County Matches. WECU Council Meeting. British Chess Championship 75/76 Qualifier. Around the Counties. 1975/1976 Final County Championship Tables. Bournemouth Congress.

September 1976 DB

BCF News. Congress Results. Glorney Cup. Hamham & Kingswood Chess Club Magazine. WECU Congress Games. Cornwall League. WECU Graders Report. Sept 76 Chess Grades. 1976/1977 WECU Calendar.

December 1976 DB

Congress Results. WECU Correspondence Chess. WECU Jamborees. WECU County Matches. Cornwall League. Around the Counties.

April 1977: No 1 RN

1976/1977 WECU County Matches. Match Captain Report. New structure of BCF.

June 1977: No 2 RN

New WECU Correspondence Championship. English Counties Championship. WECU official. Pat Beighton obituary.

September 1977: No 3 RN

Sept 1977 Grades. Calendar for 1977/1978 season. WECU Grading Officer Report.

February 1978: No 4 RN

Amendments to grades. Round 1, 2 and 3 of 1977/1978 WECU County Matches. Finance and grading report. Carl Schlechter article. Shaun Talbut winning European Junior Championship. PH Clarke winning 1976/1977 BCF Correspondence Championship. Round the Counties.

May 1978: No 5 RN

New reorganisation of BCF. Match Captain Report. Round 4, 5 and 6 of 1977/1978 WECU County Matches. WECU Junior Championship. British Championship qualifier.

August 1978: No 6 RN

Match Captain report. Round the Counties. Report on the 1978 WECU Congress. 1978/ 1979 Calendar.

September 1978: No 7 RN

BCF July 1978 Council meeting. WECU Grader's report. Sept 1978 Grades.

January 1979: No 8 RN

Junior Chess. 1978 WECU Congress Games. Round 1,2 & 3 of the 1978/1979 WECU County Matches.

April 1979: No 9 RN

Round the Counties. Devon Junior Chess Congress 1978/1979. Round 4,5 & 6 of the 1978/1979 WECU County Matches.

July 1979: No 10 RN

Final of the Inter Island Telephone Competition: Isle of Wight - Anglesey. Match Captain report @ English Counties Championship. WECU Council Meeting. Torquay 1979 Easter Congress. 1979/1980 WECU Calendar.

September 1979: No 11 RN

WECU General Rules. WECU Graders Report. Sept 1979 Grades.

January 1980: No 12 RN

Match Captains Report. WECU County Results. Round the Counties. WECU Jamboree. BCF Management Board Meeting. 1979 Devon Junior Tournament. 1979 Torbay Congress. 1979 Paignton Congress. 1979 Stroud 1 Day Congress. Jan to May 1980 WECU Calendar.

April 1980: No 13 RN

Round the Counties. Correspondence Chess. WECU Executive Meeting. Match Captain Report and Results.

June 1980: No 14 RN

English Counties Quarter Final and Minor Counties Semi Final. Around the Counties. British Chess Championship Qualifier. 1980 13th Cotswold Open. WECU Junior Jamboree. Exeter Middle School League. 1980 Weymouth Easter Congress.

September 1980: No 15 RN

Correspondence Chess in Devon. WECU Report July 1980. Tony Miles Chess Simul June 1980. WECU Chess Grader Report. Sept 1980 Chess Grades.

January 1981: No 16 RN

Various Congress 1980. WECU 1980 Jamboree. Round the Counties. Glorney Cup. WECU Junior Championship. WECU County Results.

April 1981: No 17 RN

Various Congress 1980. WECU 1980 Jamboree. Round the Counties. Glorney Cup. WECU Junior Championship. WECU County Results.

June 1981: No 18 RN

1981 Cotswold Congress. 1981 Hampshire League. 1981 WECU Championship and detailed report. 1981/1982 WECU Calendar.

September 1981: No 19 RN

Junior Awards. WECU Graders Report. Sept 1981 Chess Grades.

January 1982: No 20 RN

Details on the 1982 BCF Championship to be held at Torquay. Chess Congresses. WECU Calendar Feb - Sept 1982. WECU Jamborees. 1981 Torbay Congress. Correspondence Chess. WECU County Results.

May 1982: No 21 RN

1982 North Devon Chess Congress. Cornwell County Chess Leagues. Ellery Williams Obituary, WECU County Results.

July 1982: No 22 RN

Update on BCM Management Board Meeting June 1982. Round the Counties. Weston Super Mare Easter Congress. 1982/1983 County Match Fixture List.

January 1983: No 23 RN

Message from WECU President. Plymouth Chess Congress. Woolacombe Congress. Junior Chess update. Round the Counties. WECU County Results.

April 1983: No 25 RN

The Moller Defence. Hampshire Junior Triumph. WECU County Results.

September 1983: No 27 RN

WECU Graders Report. Chess Grades. Southampton Centenary Congress Report. Junior British Chess Championship Report.

December 1972 GK: No 28 RN

BCF Report. BCF Training Weekends 1983. Plymouth Junior International. WECU Junior Jamboree. 1983 Torbay Congress. Dr James Aitken Obituary. WECU County Results. Alekhine's Defence. WECU Jamborees.

January 1985: No 32 KD

HL Parsons Obituary. Derek Wise WECU Champion. WECU County Results. WECU Jamborees. Michael Adams World Record? Somerset Junior Chess 1984/1985. WECU Congress Reports. England in Thessaloniki.

May 1985: No 33 KD

HL Parsons Obituary. Derek Wise WECU Champion. WECU County Results. WECU Jamborees. Michael Adams World Record? Somerset Junior Chess 1984/1985. WECU Congress Reports. England in Thessaloniki.


At some stage I will be moving the website to Wordpress. I have created the same page on this website and although the structure may change these may be better to view from there as it is held in a sortable table?


Acknowledgements and sources:

  • West of England Chess Union

  • John Wheeler HCA Secretary for information and future missing copies to be added



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