Hampshire Chess League

The Hampshire League page has been updated with details from the 1976/77 to 1978/79 seasons. I have also updated the Excel download with some additional winners. These details were taken from the recent Portsmouth Chess Notes post as well as the AGM minutes.

Hampshire Chess League Updates

The Hampshire League ran from 1895 until sometime in the 1980's. The main Hampshire League page details the full article, but from the initial posting I have now added details for the 1976/1977 to the 1978/1979 season. This includes the league tables as well as some of the players who played for the various teams. Unfortunately no games have been added, but if you played in the Hampshire League, please do supply me with any games you have?

In addition to the above, I have updated the Division One and Two winner table, from the information held in the Portsmouth Chess Notes and the Hampshire AGM minutes. There are still a lot of gaps in the tables, but I will update as this information is made available.

Change to website

I am trying to change how the information is managed on the website, this blog / home page change is an experiment, so may change in the future.

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