Arthur Brameld - My chess life - laid bare!

Playing over 1300 games since 1955 with an impressive record against other strong local players and also defeating a young Magnus Carlsen Arthur has provided a profile on his chess career including 43 games highlighting his aggressive play. Full profile here.

New Hampshire Chess Player Profile

Arthur Brameld has been a stalwart of Hampshire Chess for over 60 years, frequently playing on the top board for the County and his individual results include a win against a 10 year old (but already over 2000 Fide) future World Champion Magnus Carlsen and a draw against 7 times Norwegian Champion GM Simen Agdestein. He has kindly supplied the material below (with a few additions by me). In his own words, which I think you would agree with in regards to his playing style "He never played boring chess !!?" unsound on occasions, but always worth watching ..."

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