Portsmouth Chess Notes Updates

Updated: Apr 27

Chess Notes number 80 to 113, which are the last ones I have from the Hampshire Chess archives, although this continued to be published for many years. It goes without saying that if you have any copies of the other ones please let me know.

Details on the Hampshire League, the start of the "Ruth Rose Cup" (for best performance for players over 60 in the Portsmouth League), Portsmouth League information, Portsmouth Congress and numerous Junior competitions are included in this batch.

Portsmouth Chess Notes

For many, many years, Jack (JEC) Grant used to write a weekly column titled “CHESS NOTES” for the Portsmouth Evening News / Evening News). The original notes for numbers 1 to 85 (6th September 1976 - 13th November 1978) which were passed to the Newspaper are included in the Hampshire Chess Archives. The specific Portsmouth Chess Notes page details these documents. All the ones I have have now been added.

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