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Updated: Apr 30

Update on Hampshire County Chess Matches

Behind the scenes I have been working on documenting the individual results for the Hampshire County Chess Matches as detailed on the County Matches page. If you have looked at these you will have seen that in total there have been almost 1,000 of these since 1887 to present.

This has included a number of friendlies as well as our time in the SCCU, WECU and Chiltern Leagues. Due to the pandemic we have even played online county matches against other WECU counties, sometimes as Hampshire and sometimes combined with Dorset and Wiltshire.

Although this is still a work in progress I thought I would supply a post on the current position and some highlights the data has provided.

County Result from Hampshire vs Berkshire County Chess Match Oct 1966
Hampshire vs Berkshire County Chess 1966

Although the match results on their own are informative, I think having the actual individual match results brings the relevant period to life. This will also allow analysis on the players who have played for and against Hampshire. Some of the individual match results are available from the Hampshire Archives, but a number of other sources have also been used which include the sites below. I recommend looking at these sites for further information and in particular the SCCU Bulletins are of huge historical value.

Completing this information is an intensive task and I know I will not being able to obtain all results, but I have completed 648 of the 997 matches so far which covers over 11,000 games and approx. 1,000 players. I have a lot of proof checking to complete on what I have managed so far though, so the final publication of this is still some way off. The period covered at this stage is from 1963 to 2022, with a segment of 1928 included as well. I think the period before 1928 and 1950 to 1958 will prove very difficult as these are not readily available from my sources.

Player Analysis

So you think you have been a stalwart of Hampshire County matches? You have been ever present for a few years? Well lets check your details against the players who have played the most? One of the challenges for Chess has always been that the representation of women players is much lower than men and factually this is of course true. Hopefully this is something which will improve in the future?

With this is mind I would say that Hampshire are probably in a unique position in that Gillian Moore (despite not playing for the majority of the 1980's and 1990's) has played the most games of any Hampshire players. Currently this stands at 258 games (but I still have 3 years to complete which Gillian played in, so it will be a larger amount). It may be that other players will have played more, but I think this is unlikely and as Gillian is still playing currently, her total will continue to grow.

In the 2000's Hampshire started to play a lot more segmented County matches, with the Chiltern League having at different times an Under 170, Under 150, Under 125 graded teams. This allowed the keen players to play for a number of teams if they fitted into the graded section. Gillian played 18 times for Hampshire in the 2003 / 2004 season. In a lot of the 1960 to 1990 seasons Hampshire probably played 7 to 9 matches, which is why the number of games by player is weighted towards the more recent years.

Hampshire Chess County Players Analysis
Hampshire Chess County Players Analysis

Below Gillian you will see a number of familiar names. Portsmouth league stalwarts Stephen LeFevre and Stuart Dean. Previous Hampshire President Peter Marshall and his Southampton Chess Club colleague Len Walters are prominent as well. Also near the top are Andover's David Thompson and current Chiltern League Match Captain Fraser McLeod and previous WECU Match Captain Dominic Tunks. Personally I have played against all these players, with the exception of Len Walters, but due to their prolific play maybe this is not so strange?

As I am still compiling I am not sure who has played for Hampshire for the longest amount of time, but I have noted the following.


Start Year

Last Year


Gillian Moore



62 years

Chris J McSheehy



58 year (if correct)

Peter L Marshall



50 years

Stephen D LeFevre



47 years

SL Russell



42 years

Capt GP Britton



41 years

HL Parsons



40 years

Some of the information I have used for this is not in the current data, but I have checked back to try and find the relevant players start date. So again Gillian is at the top of the table playing for Hampshire for over 60 years!

As there is a gap before 1958 I am sure that players such as Peter Marshall will have played longer than the 50 years stated.

Current Analysis

I am still struggling to how I will best be able to document the results and the analysis of the data. Any help or tips on this for a web based solution would be appreciated. In the meantime I have added some of the analysis to a smaller Excel spreadsheet which is available to download. You can use this to check out your own and others results (let me know of any errors).

Additional Highlights

The following players have played more than 20 games for Hampshire and scored more than 60%, which is a great achievement. Peter Roberson who initially started playing in the U150 team when I was captain is the only player to score more than 70%. He soon developed into a very strong player and made his IM title in 2014.

Both Gerald Bennett and Michael Yeo scoring over 60% from more than 70 games (and also playing on the top boards) is also impressive. Personally my percentage of 59.6% from 47 games just falls short of making this cut.

Hampshire players scoring more than 60%
Hampshire players scoring more than 60%

Examples of analysis from data

Using the slicer / pivot charts in the analysis data I have included some examples of players over decades and playing for the top team on board one. Please feel free to complete your own analysis from the data.


Analysis Data

This is the cut down version of the data I have used, which as it under 2mb will be a small download. You will need Excel (free versions for viewing are available) and this has the almost 1,000 matches and 11,000 individual results. In addition there is a pivot table against the data. I am sure some of the more technical people out there will be able to do a lot with the data, please do share your results back to me.


Spreadsheet amended 30 April 2022.

Hampshire Chess Records for Web
Download XLSX • 1.74MB

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