Hampshire Chess Individual Championship 1937

It seems the structure has been fixed, as it was the same as previous two years with the three sections with the top two players progressing to the final.
F.J.H.Elwell was again successful winning his fifth and final championship.

Hampshire Chess Individual Championship 1937

Three preliminary sections of five players were undertaken where the top two players progressed to the final for an all play all. One player missing was the runner up from the previous year Wilf Pratten.

In section I there were only four players and F.J.H.Elwell scored two and a half points whilst F.B.Allen obtained two.

In section II W.F.Fry only dropped a half point and A.B.Coe joined him in the final with three points from the five games.

In section III S.L.Russell scored three and half points and F.L.Taylor and E.F.Briscoe managed two points each. Taylor won the play off to join the other players in the final.

In the final Elwell lost to A.B.Coe but won his other four games to retain his title from 1936. The fifth title for F.J.H.Elwell proved to be his last, but bear in mind no championship took place between 1940 and 1947. As can be seen from the championships in the 1930's Elwell was a dominant force winning five of the ten titles.

Francis Elwell played against nine times British Champion Henry Atkins in 1897 and the following link has three of his games including this game.

Francis Elwell was born in 1869 or 1870 (or thereabouts) and died on 1953 so would have been approx. 67 when he won his final title. Details from the below, which also estimate his ELO as 2263 to 2341 between 1893 and 1900 but probably at a lower level than this by 1937.