Hampshire Chess Individual Championship 1930

The very first Hampshire Chess Championship was held in 1930 with eight competitors playing in a knockout format.

Hampshire Chess Individual Championship 1930

The picture above is taken from the Hampshire Archives. F. Taylor complied a history of Hampshire Chess from its creation in 1890 to what was the present time (1944), whilst he was serving in the Royal Air Force. The book has been scanned and will be published on the website in the future; but for now I have extracted the Hampshire Chess Championship records from 1930 to 1939.

As the scan may not be that clear I have added below to make clearer (although some names are not that clear) but it seems that individual clubs held tournaments, from which the winner entered the Hampshire Championship.

The winner of the tournament, F J H Elwell went onto win the championship another four times and another entrant S.L.Russell won in 1935. F.J.H Elwell was a member of Southampton Chess Club and won their club championship 13 times. http://www.southamptonchess.org.uk/winners.php from 1921 to 1939 (1921 seems to be the first time the club championship was recorded).

Looking at other sources I think I have determined the clubs for all the players in the tournament.