Hampshire Chess Association Under 18 Championship 1977 - 1978

10th July 2021

Hampshire Chess Under 18 Championship 1977 - 1978

The Hampshire Under 18 Championship for 1977 / 1978 was held over five rounds. There was quite a large grading gap between the first seed and the others, although with juniors annual grades are normally quickly out of date. In the end M.A Pagden only dropped half a point and won with four and a half points from the five games.

I was not familiar with M.A Pagden and there seem to be two players either Michael Pagden or Mark Pagden. The one on Chessbase has him as a German player (Micheal), but the Britbase article at the Lloyds Invitation has this as an English player (Michael) and there is also a Mark Pagden in Chessbase as well, so he is likely to be one of these two players, but I am not sure which? The picture below states Micheal and the tournament table has Michael, so there is some confusion for sure!

BritBase Chess: 1st Lloyds Bank Masters, 26 August - 1 September 1977 ( 

Update 13th July 2021

Michael Yeo has confirmed that it is Michael Pagden as he played him (and drew) in 1981 when he was playing for Cambridge University. He also mentioned a couple of discussions on the ECF Forum where this was raised:

I also had a name wrong in the picture and this has now been corrected.


For the games I have left links to both these players as the Mark Pagden seems to be a mistake by FIDE and these would be his games.

Lloyds Bank Masters Pagden

At the Lloyds Bank Masters : Front (l-r) : Joel Benjamin, Ian Wells, Rear : Peter Morrish, Stewart Reuben, Richard Beville, Gary Senior, Richard Webb, John Hawksworth, Andrew King, Nigel Short, Mark Ginsburg, Daniel King, David Cummings, Erik Teichmann, John Branford and Michael Pagden

In second place was C.Rice who won four games and lost one, closely followed by Stephen Bell, Ian welch and I.C Kemp all half a point behind.

I noticed Bob Noyce was the 2nd seed and he represented Southern Water in the Southampton League in the 1990's period where they fielded an extremely strong team who won Division One from the 1992 /1993 season to 1996 / 1997.

Unfortunately I have no other information on the tournament, but would welcome input if anyone does?

I have added Games, Crosstables, Excel spreadsheets and PDF's as below.

HCA Under 18 Championship 1977 1978



Currently no games available from the tournament, but some of the games from the players are included below. There are already some others included in the Under 16 report

Michael Pagden

Mark Pagden

R.C Noyce

C.Rice (not 100% sure the same, but age looks to fit into this bracket)

Tournament Scans