Hampshire Chess Association Under 16 Championship 1976 - 1977

23rd July 2021

Hampshire Chess Under 16 Championship 1976 - 1977

As well as the under 18 Championship in 1976, there was also an under 16 and a separate girls tournament, which incorporated the girls Under 14 championship

The under 16 tournament was held over 6 rounds and looks to have been a very close tournament. In the end Alan J Bright, a player I am not familiar with won by half a point from Stephen Bell, Bob Noyce, Jane Seymour, B.G.Cumming and T.M.Joslin.

11 year old Ian Welch was a further half point behind these players.

Update 22 Sept 2021

Martin Simons who produces the excellent Dorset Chess Newsletter has provided an update on two of the players, including the winner and I have also added the photo he mentions, which includes these two payers in 2012.

"I remember Alan Bright who, as you report, won the 1976/77 Under 16 Hampshire Championship as I went to school with him (and Mark Potter who also competed and is the Dorchester CC Secretary). They are both in the photo covering the 2012 Bournemouth School Old Boys (Class of 79 v Class of 82) re-union match within the Bournemouth Grand Chess Congress article you refer to ... Alan is 3rd from the right with a lilac shirt and Mark is 4th from the left."

I have also added another crosstable which I have located in the Hampshire Archives.

1976 1977 HCA Under 16



No games from the tournament are available, as always please do supply if you have access to any of these?

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