Hampshire Chess Association Under 14 Girls Championship 1977 - 1978

11th July 2021

Hampshire Chess Under 14 Girls Championship 1977 - 1978

The Hampshire Under 14 Championship for 1977 / 1978 was held over six rounds. A number of the girls which played in this also played in the other Junior tournaments this year and also in the Southsea Congresses from 1975 and 1976

Terri Ruff who played in the Under 18 main junior tournament from this year, but did not score any points had four wins and a draw from her five games, which showed her her strength and also how strong the Under 18 tournament was. This was enough for 2nd place, but the winner with five wins and just one draw was Julia Scotney. Julia was also prevalent in a number of the other tournaments mentioned, especially the Southsea ones.

Being a local junior tournament I don't have any games or information, so please do supply additional information if you have it? 



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HCA Under 14 Girls Championship



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