Hampshire Chess Association Junior Championship 1974 - 1975

13th July 2021

Hampshire Chess Junior Championship 1974 - 1975

The Hampshire Junior Championship for 1974 / 1975 achieved 30 entries and was played over five rounds. As well as a number of players who also played in the Southsea Congress of the same year I noticed a couple of Southampton League players of later years, including Martin Buckmaster. 

Both Keith Gregory and P Hackman scores four wins and drew against each other and finished on four and a half points from their five games. P Hackman retained his title from 1973 / 1974 on tie break which was on total of opponents score.

There was a drop of one point to five players who scored three and a half points. On tie-break B.P. Andrews was third. Of the players on three and half points Jane Semyour's result stands out, as she was much lower graded at 115. She beat M.Comben graded 142 and drew with S.Beer graded 149. An impressive result.


Following on from this another girl Sharon Price, graded 99 scored three points, winning her last three games after losing her first two.

HCA 1974 Junior Championship

I have added Games, Crosstables, Excel spreadsheets and PDF's as below.



Currently no games available from the tournament, but I have added one of Martin Buckmaster against me. I will add games from the tournament if made available.

M.Buckmaster vs G.Stuart 2001 - Martin tortures me with a good Knight vs bad Bishop ending  

Tournament Scans