Hampshire Chess Association Junior Championship 1973 - 1974

15th July 2021

Hampshire Chess Junior Championship 1973 - 1974

The Hampshire Junior Championship for 1973 / 1974 was played at Southampton University on the 17th and 18th November 1973 and had 21 entries, from which 20 played. 

The winner was Paul L Hackman with four and a half points and if you check the 1974 / 1975 championship you will find he was also the winner that year as well. I am presuming P.L.Hackman is Paul Hackman who has played for Andover Chess club and also in the main Hampshire Individual Chess Championship in the past? I have added a link to his games from Chessbase which includes a number of games from the HCA Individual and the BCF Over 50's Seniors when this has held in Bournemouth.

In clear second place was A.J.Berry on four points. A number of other notable Hampshire players participated, as can be seen from the crosstable below.

The crosstable for this tournament was confusing, as it stated 1974, but it does refer to the 1973 / 1974 tournament, as confirmed by Tony Williams who was in 3rd place after four rounds. With a last round loss to the eventually winner he fell back to shared 7th / 8th place with 3 points. 

If anyone has additional details from the tournament, please do supply. 21st September 2021 Peter Anderson has supplied his loss against the tournament winner from round four. See the Games link below.

Games, Crosstable scans and Excel spreadsheets as below.

1973 1974 HCA Junior.png


I have added 26 from the winner as detailed on Chessbase including a win against a German IM graded 2415 at the time of the game.

Peter Anderson has supplied his loss with light notes from round four against the winner, which is very sporting of him. Peter played in the 1975 / 1976 Major Invitation as well as this tournament, but then the border changed and he found himself in Dorset! 


In the game below Peter was only 13 and 3 and a half points to finish 5th was a very commendable result.

Paul Hackman - Peter Anderson


Tournament Scans