Hampshire Chess Association Girls Championship 1976 - 1977

31st July 2021

Hampshire Chess Girls Championship 1976 - 1977

The Hampshire Chess Association Under 18 and Under 14 Girls tournaments for 1976 / 1977 were combined into the one event. I think the winner of the combined tournament was also invited to the Open Under 18 tournament, as the winner Carey Groves did participate in the under 18 championship (as did Jane Seymour and Sharon Prince who did not play in this tournament).


Carey Groves won all her games and finished 1 point ahead of Julia Scotney and Pauline Wragg who both shared the Under 14 title. They only lost to the older Carey and it was a shame they did not play each other. 

I do not have any other information apart from the tournament scans which I have added to Excel. If you have any information please advise and I will update the report. 

1976 1977 HCA Girls



No games from the tournament are available, as always please do supply if you have access to any of these?

Tournament Scans