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Hampshire Chess History

The Hampshire Chess Association was formed in 1890 under the instigation of Joseph Blake of Southampton Chess Club. 


Currently the two main sources of information I have is the SCCU Chronology supplied by SCCU Archivist Anthony Fulton, which includes the potted history of the Hampshire Chess Association as well as the results of the matches played by Hampshire.

In addition F.Taylor the Hon. Secretary of the HCA from 1934 to 1940 completed a detailed document in 1944 and this included information on numerous activities in Hampshire up to the start of the 2nd world war. This document is scanned and has been included on this page.

Graham Stuart December 2021


Hampshire Chess Association SCCU Chronology

I would like to thank Anthony Fulton the SCCU Archivist for supplying this chronology of Hampshire Chess from his records.

F.Taylor document detailing Hampshire Chess
In 1944 the Hampshire Hon. Secretary F.Taylor produced a large document detailing information about the Hampshire Chess Association including numerous activities, such as a summary of the County Matches, the Hampshire Individual Championship, Correspondence matches and Special events. In addition to this a small amount of other information was added at a later date by subsequent Archivists and it seemed appropriate to include these in this scanned copy. Some of the information for the Individual Championship has already been added to the website, but the majority of the information is new. 

You may find some of the document difficult to read, but I think the majority of the information is clear. Future work will include detailing the results of the matches. The copy on the website has been compressed so please do advise if not clear as I have the original high resolution copy.