Hampshire Chess Tournaments

The Hampshire Congress has run most years and this incorporates a number of trophies, with the main one being the Silver Rook for the Hampshire Individual Champion.

This page will detail the known tournaments, winners, games and photos.

Other Hampshire tournaments will also be detailed on this page.

Hampshire Chess Association Individual Championship

The Hampshire Congress has run most years and this incorporates a number of trophies, with the main one being the Silver Rook for the Hampshire Individual Champion. The winner of the Congress may not always be the Hampshire Individual Champion, as only players from Hampshire are eligible for the title.

A table detailing all the winners is detailed at the bottom of the page, but there are a few omissions and items to be clarified. I will amend these when I confirm the winners from the tournament trophies, but please do update me if you have additional details?

I have started to detail the known tournaments, starting with the first one in 1930. This will be built up over time, although for a number all that is known is the winners as per the table included on this page, The ones from the 1930's are from the oldest archive information I have, information by a F.H. Taylor who compiled a history in 1943 / 1944. F.H.Taylor played in a number of the championships, including the first one in 1930.

In the meantime additional details on the more recent Hampshire Congresses can be found on the excellent Hampshire Chess Website. 

The Hampshire Chess Website also has a number of games from the congress which can be downloaded, a service which Arthur Brameld has supplied for a number of years. Hampshire Chess Games

Worth noting that currently Anthony Corkett has won the Silver Rook a record 10 wins being one more than Marshall Thompson.

HCA Championships 1930 to 1939 tables and scans (this details the specific Hampshire Championship individual tournaments)


Hampshire Chess Association Junior Championships

A number of annual junior tournaments have been held in Hampshire. Some of the crosstables from these tournaments are detailed in the Hampshire Chess Archives. I will try and piece these together, searching through other resources for games / photos and websites for additional information. Although some of these are more than 40 years ago there will be players still active who played in these, any additional information would be appreciated.

1973 / 1974

1974 / 1975

1975 / 1976

1976 / 1977

1977 / 1978

1978 / 1979


West of England Chess Championship

The WECU Chess Championship has been running for many years, but has normally been held in more westerly counties than Hampshire. This is a logical decision, as Hampshire is a long way for Cornwall and Devon players to travel to.


However, in April 1981 Winchester was the destination and the cross tables are part of the Hampshire Chess Archives and therefore qualify (in my opinion) to be adding to the website.


HCA Championship Results Table