Hampshire Chess County Matches

I would like to thank Anthony Fulton the SCCU Archivist for supplying the match results of Hampshire for when they played in the SCCU (as well as before and after). In addition to his fantastic research, he has also double checked results and supplied additional information. Please do check the SCCU scanned copies of the SCCU Bulletins detailed in their archive 

My intention is to detail the individual match results for the matches as well as when Hampshire moved to the WECU and more recently Chiltern League. I have now started to add the WECU results from my old records from the 1975 / 1976 season onwards and the Chiltern League ones from a combination of my records and the Chiltern League website (which does have the individual match results from 2007 as well).

The table is understandably quite large, the search function is useful, for example search for final will show just the entries with Final. The SCCU ones may have just F but I will check and update.

Brief History of Hampshire Chess County Matches

Hampshire originally played in the SCCU from 1894 to 1972 but then moved to the WECU. I understand that one of the main reasons for this was due to the majority of matches having to be played in London, or certainly not in Hampshire. For the full history of the SCCU check out their site 

Hampshire continued to play in the WECU but in 2000 joined the Chiltern League in the Under 125 category and in 2001 the Under 170. The Chiltern League was originally created to allow all players to play competitive county matches due to only the higher graded players able to play in the main county matches. The Chiltern League consists of Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. The A team was originally restricted to players under 170 (excluding the Jamboree) but this then moved to under 180 in 2004, under 200 in 2009 and no limitation in 2011. 

Hampshire playing in the Chiltern League, specifically with the changes to the restrictions did affect their WECU matches sometimes, as some players would choose to play in one or the other, as the longer distances e.g. Cornwall are a large commitment. Hampshire stopped playing in the WECU from 2008/2009 to 2010/2011. They then returned from 2011/2012 to 2014/2015 but apart from the online 2020/2021 matches they have not played in the WECU since. Hopefully this will change in the future?

Cornwall have the details for their matches against Hampshire on their site.

Chess Pieces

Hampshire Chess County Matches

The Hampshire Chess Association was formed in 1890 under the instigation of Joseph Blake of Southampton Chess Club. 

Before the official formation Hampshire played matches against other Counties and once formed more official matches were played, originally in the SCCU and later in the WECU and Chiltern Leagues.