What are you early memories of chess?

Playing my Dad, who was better than me, as a teenager and gradually becoming better than him.

At what age did you join a chess club?

School and then at 18.

What chess teams have you played for over the years?

School, University D, Eastleigh Rail, Winchester and just about to join Andover.

How long have you played and have you ever taking a break from the game, and if so, what was the reason for this?

Played until I was 19 and then took a break and rejoined at about 50 years old.

What do you most enjoy about chess?

Whereas in my job, I had a managerial position, in chess I was the same as everyone else as well as meeting new people.

What do you least enjoy about chess?

It used to be travelling to Salisbury in the rain and not finding anywhere to park.

How many chess books do you have, and do you think you have read most of them?

Three – not properly.

Do you have a favourite player and if so, what do you most admire about this player?

I only really followed the Spassky v Fischer era

Can you tell me about you most successful tournament you have played in, or biggest achievement in chess?

When Eastleigh Rail A were short of a player, I played on board 5 v Andover. Dave Thomson was a bit disgusted he was playing such a lower grade player. I gave my rook away early on but surprisingly (even to me) I checkmated him about 10 moves later. He was not pleased. He probably doesn’t remember but it has stuck with me.

Do you have any favourite books?

Pan Book of Chess (dated 1965).

Do you have a favourite game, and would you mind annotating this?

Only the one referred to above – I do not have a copy as I live on the memory.

Do you have anyone who you have found your most difficult opponent?

Malcolm Clarke – I could never beat him!

Do you have any interesting chess anecdotes?

Not really, except the old Eastleigh Rail chess players and their love of alcohol).

What advice would you give to anyone starting in chess, or looking to improve?

Persevere and don’t give up in favour of all the modern computer and Xbox games.

Would you like to share details of your life outside of chess, e.g. work, personal life etc?

Solicitor, Age Concern, Football (Saints), cricket, Scrabble + Upwords – during lockdown. Rotary, Horse Racing (low betting).

Photo of Graham before chess

Graham Payne3.jpg