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Gillian Moore has been playing chess for Southampton Chess Club since 2001 after some long breaks from chess. Her early years pinnacle was winning the British Ladies championship jointly with Margaret (Peggy) Clarke, 1966 at Sunderland with 8.5 points out of the 11 games played. She is shown here in 1967 with the beautiful rosebowl trophy.

Gillian has supplied some additional details on the tournament:


"My only loss was as Black against the Scottish Ladies' Champion, Nancy Elder, who was to win that title 16 times, and in 1974 was awarded MBE for service to chess in Scotland. The following link gives more information about this fascinating woman player: https://www.chessscotland.com/documents/history/biographies/elder.htm.
My 3 draws were against outstanding, well-known women players Dinah Dobson (now Dinah Norman), Margaret (Peggy) Clarke and Rowena Bruce. I won all the other 7 games"


if you subscribe to Chess Magazine you will have seen their article on her earlier in 2021. But if you have not seen this they have kindly granted the website permission to re-publish this. 

Many thanks to Chess Magazine for this and please do check out their website where you can purchase back copies. https://chess.co.uk/collections/chess-magazine

Gillian has written 3 Chess Books which she has made available for download. These are detailed on the Hampshire Chess Website and are also available at the bottom of this article.


Gillian has supplied some photographs of her chess career, which are detailed below the chess article. Finally Gillian has supplied a very nice game from the 2021 Fareham Chess Congress where she finished on 4 points from 6 games in the Major.


Downloads - Gillian's 3 books

Game From Fareham Chess Congress 2021

The article has spiked memories from Peter Eastwood who has commented on the Hampshire Chess Association website which I duplicate below:

"This site takes me back to my days at Southampton University 1956-59 playing for the A and B teams when we won the Southampton and Hampshire Leagues.
Terry Read was our board 1 with Barry Levy captain and Joe Triefeldt and Graham Smith also in the team. I played for the Hampshire County team for a few years before returning to Surrey. Good to catch up!"

Hopefully some of the future updates will bring back more memories to Peter and others?

Gillian Moore – Hampshire Chess Player – Hampshire Chess Association

Gillian Moore Age 23